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Pari & Spiro’s “Metropolis Dream” Wedding

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Few weddings will ever compare to the whirlwind day we spent with our lovely Pari, Spiro, and their uncle and planner, Tom Manikas at the famous Intercontinental Chicago.

RED Weddings shot entirely 4K – 6K for 15 hours including highly coordinated advance testing and planning with an FAA certified television and motion picture (specialty / stabilized / drone camera) production company to ensure it’s amazing “hero aerial shots” were captured perfectly and most importantly, safely.

Check back for more on this amazing day or visit for more on our premium one-stop-shop” wedding photography, wedding video and entertainment services!

4K Extended Rush Teaser [3 min 33 sec]
4K Extended Cinematic Feature Film [21 min 22 sec]

Valerie & Peter Wedding Teaser

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 Joyous Wedding at The Odyssey, Tinley Park

Summer is winding down and soon we will be knee-deep in crunchy leaves and pumpkin pie. But there is still plenty of warm weather left and plenty of time for a summer wedding! Valerie and Peter made the best of the gorgeous weather last weekend with their incredibly fun wedding at The Odyssey

Valerie and Peter’s made this whole day so much fun! I think you can tell by the video that these two are surrounded by amazing friends and family. The celebration truly never ceased throughout the day. I remember leaving this wedding and being exhausted from all of the excitement and laughter!

The Odyssey is quickly becoming one of my favorite locations to work at. There is so much natural beauty there between the water, the artistically manicured landscaping, and the stately ballrooms. It’s impossible to find something that looks out of place and even more difficult to have a bad backdrop for your shots. I appreciate when venues put significant time and energy into the design and layout of their space. The payoffs are huge, and it makes our jobs as photographers and cinematographers easy. 

We are always so fortunate to get to work with the incredible Manikas design team. They constantly surprise me with new and unique ways to bring the couple’s style and individuality to a space. I’ve been in this business for some time and have never seen someone come close to this level of artistry in their craft. 

The highlight of this video for me has to be when Peter and Valarie are approaching each other with the bridesmaids and groomsmen. The personalities of these two just bubble through at this moment. You can really tell that the members of the wedding party are an amazingly supportive and fun group of friends. 

I’m beyond happy for these two and I wish them the best in their new life together! Congratulations Valerie and Peter, may your days be filled with many more happy moments! 

Valerie & Peter Wedding [1 min]

Jennifer & Samuel’s Wedding

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Illustrious Wedding at Rockwell on the River

We had such an amazing time filming Jennifer & Samuel’s Wedding at Rockwell on the River. Throughout the entire day, we were blown away by the beauty and grace of the couple. No detail was overlooked by these two; nothing was less than perfect. 

When our team arrived at the location, we knew that it was going to be a great shoot! The lighting was beautiful, the weather was impeccable, and the space was looking immaculate thanks to Manikas Designs

While it wasn’t our first time shooting the Rockwell, we haven’t shot an event there in quite some time. The space doesn’t provide too much natural lighting which can present a challenge for videographers and photographers alike. Luckily the space could be described as a “blank canvas,” meaning that there aren’t too many built in features that inhibit a wedding designer from transforming the space into a truly unique atmosphere. The mellow glow of the overhead lights mixed with the ambient light of the altar provided the perfect amount of ambience for the ceremony. 

I have to say, I think my favorite moment was when Jennifer walked up the aisle. I rewatched the clip about a million times. There is something about the way the candles are sitting on the floor and Jennifer’s graceful walk up the aisle that made this moment absolutely sparkle with beauty. I only wish that I could film it again! Moments that beautiful do not come along very often. 

It was such a pleasure to work with Jennifer & Samuel. These two and their families are absolutely remarkable. Join me in congratulating these two lovely people on their magnificent wedding!

Jennifer & Samuel Wedding [1 min 29 sec]

Jackie & Jamie’s Wedding at the Adler Planetarium

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Story Book Wedding at the Adler Planetarium

    Jackie and Jamie’s wedding at the Adler Planetarium was a spectacular event in every capacity! The day was full of laughter, family, dogs, a gorgeous ceremony, heartfelt speeches, an exuberant reception, and fireworks to top off the evening. What more could you ask for? 
    Outdoor ceremonies are excellent opportunities to stretch your legs as a wedding cinematographer. We were able to employ our aerial drones to capture shots of the ceremony with the stunning Chicago skyline as a back drop. Despite the unpredictable nature of weather and lighting, outdoor weddings will remain some of our favorite events to shoot.
   Jackie and Jamie’s ceremony was such a joy to capture for so many reasons. The natural lighting draped everything in a dazzling warm hue and made the wedding dress glow with radiant energy. The passing boats on Lake Michigan and the Chicago Skyline served as an unbeatable backdrop and set the scene for a picturesque exchange of vows. All weddings are special but this one is truly remarkable. 
    Check out Jackie and Jamie’s wedding at the Adler Planetarium below! 
Jackie & Jamie's Wedding [13 min 33 sec]

Kevin & Heather’s Surprise Proposal

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A surprise proposal for an adventurous couple at Belmont Harbor

Adrenaline junkies? Thrill-seekers? Music lovers? If you’re talking about the lovely Kevin and Heather then yes, all of that is accurate! We had the pleasure of working with these two exceptionally adventurous and incredibly sincere humans a few weeks ago on their surprise proposal!

Kevin had contacted us to see if we could help him pull off a surprise proposal at the Belmont Harbor. If you know anything about this location, you’ll know there’s not really too many places hide our small camera crew. The peninsula that Kevin had in mind had a few trees but not much else for cover. Luckily for Kevin, we have an array of aerial drones and a few thousand hours of flight experience under our belt. We were capable and more importantly, very excited to work with Kevin on this surprise proposal.

I should back up and provide a little background about this darling couple. I had a chance to get both sides of their love story. I think I’ll call this one “Balconies of dance music”. Bad title? I guess, but you’ll understand why in just a minute!

“I remember the first time I saw Heather, I  had walked out on my balcony and noticed  Heather across the way on her balcony, lost in a book. Not too long after that, we were introduced by mutual friends at the fire pit outside of our building. It kind of all hit me at once. She was beautiful, bubbly, and so much fun to be around, and I just knew that she was the “one”.

I had never understood that sentiment until that moment. But in that instant, it all made sense. Following that, we went to Lollapalooza together and I guess that really was the time that we both point to as the defining moment of our relationship. We both knew that this connection that we had was as real as real could be. Fast forward 5 years and we are so happy to have built this relationship and I have no doubt in my mind that she is my better half. The future is so bright and I cannot wait to see what it will hold for us.” Kevin

“I used to sit on the balcony of my apartment and read a lot of books. Little did I know that someone was admiring me from the pool that my balcony overlooked. I specifically remember meeting this person a few weeks later at a holiday pool party. We hit it off immediately and a friendship was formed.

After many days at the pool, “family dinner nights” with friends and a few late nights at bars we decided maybe we were more than just friends. Falling in love with such an amazing person was easy but I remember the moment that I knew he was something special, Lollapalooza 2015! What an epic weekend and one which confirmed that he was not only an amazing person but the person that was the perfect fit for me. Standing in Millennial Park listening to Sam Smith, The Weekend, and countless EDM tracks…I knew I was in fact in love with this man. Little did I know this was just the beginning of our adventures together.

I can’t think of a single day since that point that I haven’t fallen more in love with him. Traveling the world together has been nothing less than extraordinary. From The Yacht Week Croatia to Turks and Caicos to Vegas and Miami we always have a good time. The part that is even better is the day to day, although I think he still likes my car more than he likes me 😉 Whether we are in Ohio or traveling the world we always have a smile on our face, warmth in our hearts and walking hand in hand to tackle whatever life’s journey brings us. I’ll sum up our story with a quote…“If you live to be hundred, I want to live to hundred minus 1 day so I never have to live without you” – Winnie The Pooh”Heather 

See? These two are an absolutely adorable and incredibly cute couple. A love built on dance music, adventures, and paradigm-shifting realizations are destined to be something extraordinary. The surprise proposal went better than any could have hoped for. Heather said yes of course! As if there was any question. These two are so perfect for one another; you only need to see the way they look at one another to understand.

Without further delay, help me join in congratulating Kevin and Heather on their engagement! We wish you the best on your #RoadtoHeavin

Kevin & Heather's Surprise Proposal [2 min 1 sec]

Erin & Jim’s Wedding

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Marvelous Wedding at the InterContinental Chicago

We had such a lovely time working with Erin and Jim on their magnificent at the Intercontinental Chicago. We know this venue very well having worked with couples like Pari and Spiro and many others at various points in the past few years. It’s always a bonus being able to film at a venue with some prior experience. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t something to learn as every wedding is different and comes with it’s own artistic challenges. 

Erin and Jim’s ceremony took place in the French-inspired Renaissance Ballroom. Featuring high-ceilings, gorgeous chandeliers, and windows looking over Chicago’s famous Magnificent Mile, there are plenty of good seats in this room. Erin and Jim were so incredibly photogenic throughout the day. I think they may have even practiced their poses because they looked absolutely dynamite through the entire ceremony and reception! As you’ll see in the video, we also took advantage or the gorgeous rooftop at flew in some aerial drone shots. How could we pass up the clear blue skies and warm weather? 

Congratulations again to Erin and Jim and thank you so much for letting us capture all the beauty that your wedding had to offer!

Erin & Jim's Wedding [1min]

Demetra & Barry Engagement

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Dazzling Engagement Party at the Dalcy

Earlier this month, we had the pleasure of working with Demetra and Barry for their engagement party at the Dalcy in Chicago. These two just have a glow about them that I cannot describe. It’s an honor to be trusted with the responsibility of filming any part of someone’s life, let alone their engagement party. There’s only one chance to capture all the beauty and happy moments — there are no second takes.

Barry and Demetra initially met through mutual friends at a trolley party bus event about 5 years ago. The first stop of this event was at Buckingham Fountain, this spot would later become the spot where Barry would ask for Demetra’s hand in marriage. The success of this relationship may be due to a strong dedication to communication that was established early on in their time together. Not so long after these two started dating Demetra left for Greece to study abroad. Long distance is hard on all couples but these two managed to keep the fire going and maintained consistent daily contact throughout Dematra’s time away. Demetra even noted that this experience made their relationship stronger in the end and when she returned home they picked up like nothing had changed. I have a feeling that these two knew earlier on that they were perfect for another and that no distance would’ve stopped their love from growing deeper each day.

This engagement party was beautifully designed by Manikas Designs. As you can see from the video, there were so many fabulous features that were carefully placed throughout the venue. Every piece sparkled with a kind of intentionality that most designers could never pull off. They have a special way of creating unique designs that complement the space and the couple’s style so unbelievably well. I really don’t know how they continuously provide such an exceptional service. Maybe it’s not something to question, only to admire.

Happy people are just the kind of people we want to be around. I don’t think there was a moment where the room wasn’t full of smiles. Too many great moments to mention here, you’ll just have to take our word for it. To be honest, I’m not quite sure how they will top this beautiful evening. Knowing these two, this wedding will truly be one for the records.

I could go on and on about this lovely couple, but I think I’m going to stop here and let the video speak for itself. I’m elated to present to you: Demetra and Barry’s engagement party! Congratulations again on your engagement!

Demetra & Barry Engagement [2 min 51 sec]

Elena & Luai’s Wedding and Reception

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A traditionally minded wedding with a Ludacris reception

Let me start by saying, we had absolutely no idea how incredible this wedding was going to be. We’ve had surprises at weddings in the past, but nothing like what you’ll see in the video. I’m so thrilled that we had the opportunity to be there and work with the lovely Luai and Elena for what has to be the most spectacular wedding reception I’ve ever seen.

Luai and Elena met while they were both attending DePaul University. This would be where their friendship grew into the adorable love that we witnessed when we first met with them. I knew these two would be a lot of fun to work with after just a few minutes into our first communication. And my hunch was correct, these two are incredible humans and share such a special love that really has no words. You’ll just have to watch the video to see for yourself.

The couple wanted to find a way to dovetail both of their family’s backgrounds in both the wedding ceremony and the reception.  This meant finding a way to cultivate Luai’s Jordanian culture, and Elena’s Greek culture, both rooted in deep traditions. It was important for them to integrate these two cultures in a way that preserved the authenticity of the traditions while creating a welcoming atmosphere for all of the wedding guests and family members. As you can see by all of the happy faces in the video, there’s no doubt that they were successful in this department.

Like I said before – this may just have been the ultimate reception. From the food to the dancing, there truly was never a dull moment. And then when I thought that party was just about to simmer down for the evening, in walks in the one and only, Ludacris! Which as you can imagine made the whole room go crazy! Everyone was on the dance floor and I just so happened to get a front row ticket to this private concert. I didn’t know Luai had these kinds of tricks up his sleeve, but he sure does have a good poker face because no one saw this coming.

There’s so much more to talk about, but I’m going to keep this brief! I’m just so happy for these two, what a wonderful wedding and awesome reception. Thanks to our friends at Manikas Designs for making another wedding even more beautiful! Congratulations again to Eleni and Luai!  We wish the best for you two!

Elena & Luai's Wedding and Reception [1 min]

Shea & Sophia’s Surprise Proposal

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A surprise proposal atop the famed London House Chicago

We couldn’t be more elated to share the video for Shea and Sophia’s surprise proposal! This adorable couple has been so much fun to work with, and we’re honored to have been there to witness this lovely moment.

Landmarks like the London House Rooftop remain a dream to shoot for us. Located on the corners of North Michigan Avenue and Wacker Drive, the London House is surrounded by some of Chicago’s most impressive architectural sights. We had the opportunity to pull out all the bells and whistles on this shoot, including our aerial drone cameras. It’s practically impossible to capture a bad shot when you’re working with the gorgeous Chicago skyline as a backdrop.

These memorable moments are what we look forward to the most. There is nothing better than charming clients, an adorably romantic proposal, gorgeous locations, and the chance to employ our aerial drone cameras to capture the beauty of it all.

Congratulations again to this beautiful young couple and may their lives be full of many more incredible moments together!

Shea & Sophia's Surprise Proposal [2 min 48 sec]

Danny & Deirdre Proposal

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Engagement stories this unique do not come along that often. Today we are so delighted to share the heartwarming story of Deirdre and Danny and the extraordinary circumstances that Danny went through to pull off this breathtaking surprise proposal.

Determined is the most applicable word to describe the commitment this couple has for one another. Deirdre shared with us that even from the beginning Danny was immediately interested in her. They initially met at work, and Danny wasted no time trying to get to know her. It was only a few short weeks between when these two first met and their first date. Danny set the tone for their relationship by taking Deirdre to the renowned NoMi Kitchen for the couple’s first date. Not long after their initial date, Deirdre decided to move across the country to be closer to Danny. While living in the San Francisco area, they embraced every opportunity they could get to tour the Napa Valley region, shred in Tahoe, or find any reason to be together. Less than a year into their stay in San Francisco, they decided to pack up and move cross-country one more time to New York City.

We initially met Danny while shooting a wedding for Deirdre’s best friend, Pari. The couple had been together for some time when we met, and Danny had intentions to seal the deal in a surprisingly big way. Having been together for about a year in their new home of New York City, Danny knew it was time for the next step. Danny had the vision: a surprise proposal to Deirdre on a rooftop in downtown Chicago. Luck would have it that we met Danny at the right time and were able to help craft his vision and devise a plan to capture this surprise proposal in an unforgettable way.  Danny wanted perfection, but the rooftop space he picked had certain space limitations. A single camera shot would not suffice. Fortunately for him, we are experts not only in videography — we are also the region’s leading drone cinematographers with all of the means to commandeer this rooftop engagement, capturing not only the close-ups but the aerial shots as well.

As the day approached, all details were in place. Along with RED Weddings, Danny had carefully crafted the location, timing, camera crew and had everything meticulously all lined up for the perfect surprise. He spared no detail for this special moment. Then, the unthinkable happened. News broke with Danny that the jeweler (in New York) would be unable to deliver the ring on time. Danny was not going to let this stand in the way of this dream moment. Without hesitation, he jumped on a plane and flew to New York City the morning of the engagement to retrieve the ring. We can only imagine the thoughts racing through his head during that flight. Any small error or inclement weather conditions could have brought this whole plan to a halt. Luckily, Danny was able to pull off this last minute fix and return to Chicago without a hitch, or should we say…for a hitch?

As you can probably tell by now, Danny’s commitment to Deirdre is nothing short of epic. This type of dedication to crafting the perfect proposal is something that most people only dream of. It is clear that Danny’s overwhelming love for Deirdre and his commitment to their future together is second to none. We are so blessed to share Deirdre and Danny’s story with you. 

Stories like this are why we are here and why we are committed to our craft. At Red Weddings we want to help capture the most intimate details of each unique story. Stay tuned for more stories like Deirdre and Danny’s surprise proposal, and enjoy the trailer below.

Danny & Deirdre Proposal [2 min]