A traditionally minded wedding with a Ludacris reception

Let me start by saying, we had absolutely no idea how incredible this wedding was going to be. We’ve had surprises at weddings in the past, but nothing like what you’ll see in the video. I’m so thrilled that we had the opportunity to be there and work with the lovely Luai and Elena for what has to be the most spectacular wedding reception I’ve ever seen.

Luai and Elena met while they were both attending DePaul University. This would be where their friendship grew into the adorable love that we witnessed when we first met with them. I knew these two would be a lot of fun to work with after just a few minutes into our first communication. And my hunch was correct, these two are incredible humans and share such a special love that really has no words. You’ll just have to watch the video to see for yourself.

The couple wanted to find a way to dovetail both of their family’s backgrounds in both the wedding ceremony and the reception.  This meant finding a way to cultivate Luai’s Jordanian culture, and Elena’s Greek culture, both rooted in deep traditions. It was important for them to integrate these two cultures in a way that preserved the authenticity of the traditions while creating a welcoming atmosphere for all of the wedding guests and family members. As you can see by all of the happy faces in the video, there’s no doubt that they were successful in this department.

Like I said before – this may just have been the ultimate reception. From the food to the dancing, there truly was never a dull moment. And then when I thought that party was just about to simmer down for the evening, in walks in the one and only, Ludacris! Which as you can imagine made the whole room go crazy! Everyone was on the dance floor and I just so happened to get a front row ticket to this private concert. I didn’t know Luai had these kinds of tricks up his sleeve, but he sure does have a good poker face because no one saw this coming.

There’s so much more to talk about, but I’m going to keep this brief! I’m just so happy for these two, what a wonderful wedding and awesome reception. Thanks to our friends at Manikas Designs for making another wedding even more beautiful! Congratulations again to Eleni and Luai!  We wish the best for you two!

Elena & Luai's Wedding and Reception [1 min]

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