Illustrious Wedding at Rockwell on the River

We had such an amazing time filming Jennifer & Samuel’s Wedding at Rockwell on the River. Throughout the entire day, we were blown away by the beauty and grace of the couple. No detail was overlooked by these two; nothing was less than perfect. 

When our team arrived at the location, we knew that it was going to be a great shoot! The lighting was beautiful, the weather was impeccable, and the space was looking immaculate thanks to Manikas Designs

While it wasn’t our first time shooting the Rockwell, we haven’t shot an event there in quite some time. The space doesn’t provide too much natural lighting which can present a challenge for videographers and photographers alike. Luckily the space could be described as a “blank canvas,” meaning that there aren’t too many built in features that inhibit a wedding designer from transforming the space into a truly unique atmosphere. The mellow glow of the overhead lights mixed with the ambient light of the altar provided the perfect amount of ambience for the ceremony. 

I have to say, I think my favorite moment was when Jennifer walked up the aisle. I rewatched the clip about a million times. There is something about the way the candles are sitting on the floor and Jennifer’s graceful walk up the aisle that made this moment absolutely sparkle with beauty. I only wish that I could film it again! Moments that beautiful do not come along very often. 

It was such a pleasure to work with Jennifer & Samuel. These two and their families are absolutely remarkable. Join me in congratulating these two lovely people on their magnificent wedding!

Jennifer & Samuel Wedding [1 min 29 sec]

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  • Renee Burnes says:

    This day is one of the dreams every parent has for their child, to see them marry their Love of their life, their best friend! From the moment this day began, I am happy to say I could not imagine anything more perfect. I felt so much Love and excitement in the air. Red Wedding you have captured that and the Love between Jennifer and Sam in your incredible video production! You are the BEST! People cant stop talking about how they Love this video. We will treasure the magical wedding day with these videos. Thank You Thank you!!!

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