Photography, 4K Cinema, & Big Screen Video Presentation

From the moment we met this remarkable family, we knew right away this would be anything but the usual “run-of-the-mill” wedding!

Little did we know how remarkable it would be…from our planning meetings at our adorable brides home where we enjoyed delicious home made Greek horderves and desserts, to that evenings remarkable musical entertainment flown in from the islands, to the special tenting erected specifically to house the guests and entertainment, we fell in love with Patricia’s dry sense of humor and Gerasimos’s easy going nature.  Just when we thought things couldn’t get more exciting than the remarkable photography and cinematography we planned for our couple, the father of the bride contacted us about a “secret surprise” video presentation he had in mind for his Toast…

Patricia & Gerasimos' "Musical Mystro's" Wedding [2 min 3 sec]

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