Joyous Wedding at The Odyssey, Tinley Park

Summer is winding down and soon we will be knee-deep in crunchy leaves and pumpkin pie. But there is still plenty of warm weather left and plenty of time for a summer wedding! Valerie and Peter made the best of the gorgeous weather last weekend with their incredibly fun wedding at The Odyssey

Valerie and Peter’s made this whole day so much fun! I think you can tell by the video that these two are surrounded by amazing friends and family. The celebration truly never ceased throughout the day. I remember leaving this wedding and being exhausted from all of the excitement and laughter!

The Odyssey is quickly becoming one of my favorite locations to work at. There is so much natural beauty there between the water, the artistically manicured landscaping, and the stately ballrooms. It’s impossible to find something that looks out of place and even more difficult to have a bad backdrop for your shots. I appreciate when venues put significant time and energy into the design and layout of their space. The payoffs are huge, and it makes our jobs as photographers and cinematographers easy. 

We are always so fortunate to get to work with the incredible Manikas design team. They constantly surprise me with new and unique ways to bring the couple’s style and individuality to a space. I’ve been in this business for some time and have never seen someone come close to this level of artistry in their craft. 

The highlight of this video for me has to be when Peter and Valarie are approaching each other with the bridesmaids and groomsmen. The personalities of these two just bubble through at this moment. You can really tell that the members of the wedding party are an amazingly supportive and fun group of friends. 

I’m beyond happy for these two and I wish them the best in their new life together! Congratulations Valerie and Peter, may your days be filled with many more happy moments! 

Valerie & Peter Wedding [1 min]

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